Idea Trigger is a highly flexible idea and innovation system which enables the crowdsourcing of ideas in response to business challenges and strategic initiatives.

Challenges are created with workflows and content requirements to match the complexity or simplicity of the problem statement.

This easy to use cloud-based solution unlocks the potential of an organisation’s employees and ecosystem helping it realise value through collaboration and idea mining.




Available anywhere, anytime on any device

Idea Trigger is an easy-to-use web based application available anytime and anywhere on any device when connected to the Internet.

Co-creation & collaboration made easy

Engagement with employees and other stakeholders in an operational ecosystem is made simple, promoting co-creation and collaboration across functions.

Improve engagement, motivation & morale

Idea submission and evaluation is transparent and inclusive thereby promoting employee engagement, motivation and morale.

Cost effective & scalable

Idea Trigger is a cost effective and scalable solution that can be rolled out across multiple communities within the enterprise and can also extend into the organisation’s operating ecosystem, if required.

Value creation & risk mitigation

The platform becomes an effective tool for value creation and risk mitigation of the IP portfolio.

Secure, reliable cloud-based solution

Idea Trigger, offered as a cloud based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, leverages the security, reliability and redundancy benefits of a modern global delivery platform that protects data.


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